“Back of the beating hammer” By which the steel is wrought; Back of the workshop’s clamour The seeker may find the Thought; The thought that is ever master Of iron and steam and steel, That rises above disaster And tramples it under heel. “The drudge may fret and tinker Or labor with dusty blows, But … More Work


Most people form the habit of embracing the beliefs of those with whom they associate most closely without regard to the soundness of their beliefs.We see this on status updates where some “body” updates “I live my own life and care less for nobody else”Most surprisingly we tend to follow and act accordingly, This is … More Ideas

Language class

Iam typing this from a foreign language class, its not as easy as you may think.Apparently am in a chinese language class, it is here that you can learn to be resilient and patient because everything is said, and little is picked.It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, it … More Language class


Trade your expectations for appreciation.Today,on my way back home from wherever I was, I met this young man who asked me one question, “how do you feel about my business” I replied, ” you are good,” he laughed, i said, “brother, you are way off better than most if you have something you can earn … More Appreciation


When you pray, do not ask for more blessings; but ask for more wisdom, that you may better understand and enjoy the blessings you already have.Most times we fail to recognize that we are blessed just because we spend more time craving for more instead of sitting back and enjoying the fruits that have riped … More Blessings

Poem for you

All honour to him who shall win a prize. The world has cried for a thousand years; But to him who tries, and who falls, and dies, I give great honour, and glory, and tears. Give glory and honour and pitiful tears To all who fail in their deeds sublime; Their ghosts are many in … More Poem for you


Better off are you, if you have picked interest in knowing the art that you need alongside that of fulfilment. You have heard it often times that he who knows best knows just how little he knows. If by any chances you know the secret to all achievement, you are just a step further from … More ART OF ACHIEVEMENT